• Motorcycle's History

    Wooden motorized bicycle was named Reitwagen (riding car) and is the world's first motorcycle. Maybach try Reitwagen distance of 3 miles along the River Neckar, from Cannstatt to Untert├╝rkheim, with a speed of 12 kilometers per hour ...

  • Ariel

    Ariel is a brand of bicycle, motorcycle, and automobile-based British Bournbrook, Brimingham, England. In 1902, Components Ltd. has 2 divisions Ariel: Ariel Cycle Company and Ariel Motor Company. Ariel Cycle Company of concentration on the production of motorcycles, three wheel motorcycle, and Quadracircle (four-wheeled motorcycle) while the Ariel Motor Company to concentrate on automobile production. Automobile production was moved to Coventry in 1911. The company name is then used again in 1999 to Ariel ltd as a manufacturer of sports cars....

  • BSA (Birmingham Small Arms)

    BSA was founded in 1863 and began motorcycle division was established in 1880. The first motorized bike was launched in 1905 with a small Minerva engine attached to it. BSA has a good reputation for a reliable bike and successfully grow with the introduction of S27 (also known as a model Sloper). It was produced for 10 years and is available in 350cc, 500cc and 595cc engines. Throughout the production of slightly modified so that the original design became popular...

  • Excelsior

    Excelsior 7-C made ​​in 1913 is one of the motorcycle models from Schwinn Excelsior brand owners. Excelsior is one of the biggest names in the early days of the motor industry, and its popularity to compete with Indian and Harley-Davidson...

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History of AJS Motorcycle

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 AJ Stevens & Co. (AJS), founded by Harry, George, Jack and Joe Stevens on November 14, 1909.

Harry began designing the first two machines called model A and Model B, which saw the company through until the war. Harry Begin designing machine called the model prayer of the First A and Model B, Yang Seeing Canada child tax deferred until the War.
1912 saw the launch of model D. However, because of war, gasoline is very scarce, so the company decided to try testing the city gas instead. D. Looking at the launch of 1912 models However, BECAUSE War, Very Rare gasoline, so the child tax liabilities decided to trial instead of city gas. They managed to create a feed, and speed is varied by turning the gas on or off. Make them to SUCCEED feed, speed and ITU New Articles gas play off or varied.
On November 3, 1916, the government banned the production of motorcycles except for military use, and AJS were forced to stop production of its products. On November 3, 1916, the government banned production motorcycle except for Military use, and AJS were forced to stop production of Its products.
In 1920, the company decided to enter the TT again and try to repeat their success in the Junior TT 1914. THE years 1920, deferred tax child decides to enter the TT again and try to repeat their success in the Junior TT 1914. A new machine has been developed and proved the ideal solution as Cyril Williams, rider comes first. A machine has been developed and proven new ideal solution as Cyril Williams, rider Come First. The company also has been successful in different experiments and race. Experiments have also been successful in children who are different and race.
The following year, they produce a prototype three-wheeled vehicles, but never went into production and they also introduce the model B, was recorded as a touring machine and incorporate new features. , The following year they produced a prototype of the Three Wheel Vehicles, BUT not the regular Ever Going to Production and they also introduced the B model was reported, was recorded as a touring machine and incorporate new features.
B1 and B2 was introduced in 1922 and is based on model B. B1 and B2 ON introduced years 1922 and based AT model B. B1 is a standard motorcycle, and B2 is the sport model. B1 is a standard motorcycle, B2 is a model and Sports.
Beginning in 1921, a prototype three-wheeled car was produced with two wheels in front and one behind, but never went into production. years beginning in 1921, a prototype car produced Three Wheel Husband New Articles on prayer wheels Front and One in the back, BUT not Ever Go to the regular merchandise. Model 'B' was also introduced back in March, using the engine side of the valve 2.75hp, 3 speed gearbox, chain drive, Amac carburettor, Lucas Magneto and sold for £ 95. Model 'B' ON Also introduced was reported in March, using a 2.75hp engine side valve, 3 speed gearbox, chain drive, Amac carburettor, Lucas Magneto and over for £ 95. It was listed as a touring machine and founded many new features. It was recorded as the engine tour and set up a LOT of new features.

Until 1931, AJS is a manufacturer and an independent company, but the financial crisis experienced by the allied forces AJS Matchless and formed the Association Motor Company (AMC). AJS Matchless and together build a bike with their own brand. Automatically, the same products, the only difference being the name of the logo and decor. The touch that gives a different characteristic is peggunaan stripping gold and silver in the AJS Matchless, and unfortunately both common motor is making his fans began to lose their loyalty to both. 16M Series is the first motor output in post-war AJS, with output similar model AJS 1935. but has undergone many changes and improvements. In 1954, AJS 16M is equipped with a big carburetor and a new ignition system. To accommodate them, then make the cover. In the post-war era, AJS offers single-engine motorcycles, and after upright V-twin engine in 1949 were buried. AMC still buy Norton that "sick" in 1952 but not put it into a program of cooperation such as AJS and Matchless.

In 1966, AMC Matchless collapsed and buried forever, but Norton still fluttering with flags Norton / Villiers even still releasing AJS in the mid-1970s.


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